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This page contains twelve episodes, a cumulative 11:49:30, of a podcast as hosted by two people who have no idea what they are doing. For more information, click here.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 15 - Noticing Traditional Relationships [42:34]

   Ben & Daniel discuss family, our place within siblings, and whether or not this says anything about us. Again, we are guardedly skeptical- who knew!

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 14 - Nuanced Themes & Rorschach [1:21:38]

   Daniel reads Alan Moore's "Watchmen", which is discussed throughout. Talk of existentialist themes, character parallels, flawed gods, and other pretentious bullshit.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 13 - Narratives, Tales, Reports [40:05]

   Ben talks of truth-telling tales. Lessons learned, insight gained, as well as real magic, confidence, and that we need to steal the Declaration of Independence.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 12 - Nicknames that Rule [45:25]

   We read a Wikipedia page dedicated to the nicknames given by former Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush. What, expecting something original or intellectual?

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 11 - Nascence & The Radiator [1:11:21]

   Daniel watches David Lynch's Eraserhead for the first time, and it is discussed for the duration AFTER we made fun of a small child.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 10 - Nearest to Relatives [1:01:07]

   People are animals! No, really, isn't it weird? Do you ever feel surrounded by apes? E.O. Wilson, PLEASE email me- architecturetincture (at) gmail (dot) com.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 9 - Names to Remember [34:21]

   Daniel discusses the "Lourdes Incident", how do you remember a name, and Seinfeld. What's the deal with Teddy Roosevelt?

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 7 - A Number of Tumultuous Riots [37:35]

   We talk about Orson Welles, his War of the Worlds broadcast, copycat broadcasts, dogs and cats living together- mass hysteria.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 6 - Not Tyranny, Right? [1:21:43]

   If you want our cigarettes, you'll have to pry them from our cold, dead fingers. We talk government, dystopia, and our personal responsibility to rebellion.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 5 - Neo-Totemic Rituals [35:44]

   Hey, nice wallet chain, idiot! In this episode, two men pay respect to furries, goths, Russians, and false belief.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 4 - Now, Time Reverses [41:08]

   Ben can barely convey the topic well enough for it to be discussed in the first place. Do you know what the hell he's talking about?

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 3 - Nightly Trouble & Retaliation [1:02:46]

   A huge dork tries to explain to a differently-abled dork why Batman and his villains are uniquely cool. We tried to do 20-30 minutes but went for an hour. Send help.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 2 - Nobody Trumps the Reaper [33:57]

   We talk about recent celebrity deaths as well as how the phenomenon of their deaths is perceived in general.

      The NTR Podcast, Episode 1 - New Try at Recording [40:06]

   After (some) lesssons learned, Ben and Daniel try hard not to start another podcast about Linkin Park. Will they succeed? Also, is the lottery a scam? Nobody knows.

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